Cocktail dress are a woman's garment of a shorter length usually and are worn when one has been invited to a cocktail party. Cocktail dress are suitable for wearing to events such as a semi-formal, prom, or other formal occasion. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths, and one of the most popular choices is the well-known "little black dress." When choosing from the many available cocktail dress, you should familiarize yourself with some of the lengths that you may encounter. Depending on the current fashion trends of the year or wardrobe acceptability, the length of a cocktail dress varies. Some cocktail dress stop just above the knee, while other selections end around two inches from above the ankle, known as a tea length cocktail dress. When a cocktail dress touches the ankle, it is "ballerina length" - this is commonly associated with being an evening gown, with the differences between the two hard to tell. Today, cocktail dress come in an array of beautiful materials, with silk, satin, and chiffon these being the most popular choice. When receiving an invitation to an event or party, some people may be feared and have no clue what to wear. Actually there are some clues to follow. When using the invitation as a clue, you are more likely to casually dress if the invitation arrives through email or by telephone. If the invitation arrives through the mail, chances are you may be in need of a cocktail dress. When invited to attend a benefit or event held by a charity or other association, a cocktail dress is probably the attire you should be thinking of. Sometimes deciphering what sort of wardrobe to raid is as simple as reading the entire invite. More than likely, you will find phrases, such as "casual dress," "semi-formal attire" or "formalwear required" on the invitation. Moreover, the last resort if you are unsure is to call the phone number that is included on the invite and ask to make sure. When attending a cocktail party, you shouldn't wear a sequined gown - they are for a more formal occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary party. Cocktail dress lengths can range from a mini length to something that stops above the ankles. The type of material sends a message - satin and silk are popular choices, accompanied by flattering jewelry, handbags, and other accessories. The shoes that you select can also set off a cocktail dress - especially if you are sporting a shorter length and the shoes become an important focal point. When choosing the color of your cocktail dress, keep in mind that during the summer season, floral prints, light pink, sky blue, pale green and yellow, as well as other pastels look good during this time. For a winter get-together, gray, crimson, black, dark brown and dark blue cocktail dress will be quite flattering. And for one of the number one tips regarding cocktail dress: do not try to fit into a dress that is cut too low or is too tight; the results could be disastrous.